Lost Wax Casting Weekend Workshop with Edward Mahony

2nd & 3rd March, 5 places max.

This is a two day course and will cost £255 for the course fee, including all materials except silver.

Any metals used in casting will cost extra and payable on the day it is preferable that you use/bring your own silver casting grain or scrap for casting.

On this course you will learn about:



 Zoe’s beautiful cast bobble rings with stones in place.

.IMG_6651 Jane’s rings after lots of hard work.


Above are some images of pieces cast on the lost wax casting weekend.

IMG_6472  IMG_6553

The bird brooch, pendant and the skulls were cast on the lost wax casting weekend then finished off on a Saturday workshop.



The above image are of the latest casting workshop’s 5 wax carved and cast rings.

Lost Wax Casting

In lost wax casting we will look at all the different stages:

Wax Carving

Mould Making

Wax Injecting

Wax Sprues

Investment casting

We will also look at Delft clay castng and Cuttle fish castng.

Hand outs will be given explaining each stage of the casting process.

IMG_3157   photo 4

rings3   IMG_6452