Stone setting courses with Tony Tigg

The next dates for the Tony Tigg Setting Workshop are:

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th January Setting Weekend

£235 per person for a weekend workshop. 

10 places maximum, materials are extra and will cost between £5-£12 payable on the day.


This course is designed for those who would like to learn the traditional art of stone setting, you will not be making the mounts. It is stutible for professional makers as well as though with little or no experience of stone setting who wish to learn the different setting styles; Claw, Rub-Over and Pave’.

Tony will also show you essential tool preparation and maintenance and help you cut your own set of setting tools.

Tools will be provided for all setting projects, but I would recommend bringing your own headband magnifier lens, as you will be working on a small scale.

All settings will be bought from Tony for a small cost per setting and you can undertake as many projects in the day as you are able to do. Here are the projects you will be able to learn:.

The most famous piece Tony has set is Princess Diana engagement ring which is now the Duchess of Cambridge’s.

IMG_2600 IMG_2594 IMG_2602IMG_2618

Rub-over, Claw and Pave’ setting Projects are below.

The day workshop costs £90 and the setting projects are extra, between £3-£9 each and to be purchased from Tony on the day. Or you can join a Saturday workshop and make your own ring or pendant to be set with Tony.


Star Setting spitz grain & rub-over       Pave’ setting mill grain & thread        Cut down setting


Square or round cut down


Square or round rub-over setting                                                              Claw setting strip

The jewellery pieces below were made on other weekend workshops and then set with Tony on his weekend setting workshops.



IMG_2696Charlotte’s old platinum wedding ring melted down and remade. Before its was set with Tony and after.


marin'spendant .


jonathanring This is Jonathan’s atom ring that was made over a few saturday workshops, hand forges and chased curves with three small diamonds and one large black were set using spitch grain with Tony on Sunday.

Sue'sringpuzzleSue’s gypsy flush set ring and puzzle pendant set with spitch grain settings. Made on the Saturday workshop a month before then set with Tony on the Sunday after a morning of practice settngs.


image-3 photo-13 image-4


Above is Lesley’s Aquamarine silver reticulated ring and Anna’s hand forged pendant with Diamond. Both were made on a Saturday workshop and then set with Tony on his weekend Settting workshop.