Evening Classes, Tuesday & Friday

Jewellery & Silversmithing Courses
Join our well-equipped workshop and learn at your own pace and choose your own projects or follow a set course. Our friendly classes suit all levels and ages from 18 years upwards. Maximum 6 students in each session.

It could be possible to join a currently running course if there are spaces available, do e-mail to find out available.

September Terms 1 & 2 2021



Tuesday 14th September – Tuesday 7th December

Tuesday Evening £275; 18:30-21:00, 6 places max – 4 places left.

Half term starts 25th October.



Friday 17th September – Friday 10th December

Friday Evening £275; 18:30-21:00, 6 places max – Full

Half term starts 25th October.

 Pauline’s silver cast ring with purple sapphire set.


IMG_6405 Melissa and Glyn’s silver rings made over the 5 week evening class.

IMG_6544 Helen’s 2nd 5 week evening classes work, ring and pendants.

 valpen Val’s fossil pendant

Creatstudio Isolde Celtic uffsIsolde’s acid etched cuff links for her husband

Creatstudio Natalie's Cukk links for her son's 18th Natalie’s cuff links for her son’s 18th.

Creatstudio Lucy's copper & silver bird pendant Lucy’s Copper and silver bird pendant.

IMG_2731 Isolde’s Hand chased silver ring and green sapphire.

IMG_2733IMG_2572 Alison’s copper silver ring and dasiy brooch for her mother’s birthday.

janesring janes pendant Jane’s pearl silver pod pendant and twisting silver ring.

isoldebangle Isolde’s copper bangle that she acid etched and set a large green stone.

rebecca'sbangle Rebecca’s bangle with gold dots.


gillian'sbangle Gillian’s hand forged bangle for her sisters.

valcandlestick Val’s long awaited stand and candle sticks on 200 year old bog wood.

Val'stealights2 Val’s beautiful copper and silver tea light wall holders.